Weekly Recap: What You Might Have Missed

Reflected on September 11th, 2001

When we think of 9/11, we remember the families whose lives were changed forever, the bravery and courage of our first responders, and that, even in our darkest days, Americans showed the world the very best of who we are.

Attended memorial service for Brad Blackman, a Delco EMT and volunteer firefighter for over 37 years who died of COVID-19.

Kicked off our second annual Congressional Youth Cabinet

One of my favorite parts of representing our district is meeting and hearing from so many incredible young people — our future leaders. In 2019, our office launched the PA5 Congressional Youth Cabinet, a non-partisan initiative which engages high school students from our district in discussions of and crafting solutions to current issues.

Led the bipartisan, unanimous passage of the Justice for Juveniles Act in House Judiciary

Young people in our prison and juvenile justice systems have long been victims of physical and mental abuse. When widespread abuse was exposed at Glen Mills School in Delaware County. last year, I introduced the Justice for Juveniles Act.



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Mary Gay Scanlon

Mary Gay Scanlon

Mary Gay Scanlon currently serves a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.