Constituent Services: How Our Office Can Help

  • Patrick is a veteran who came into our office because he had stopped receiving his monthly benefits. We swiftly connected with Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Administration to get everything back on track. Joseph is now receiving over $900 a month.
  • Kathy came to us after being threatened with an eviction. After her claims were denied by the Social Security Administration, her only option was to appeal, which could take years. Our office intervened and sent a “Proper Hardship” letter to the SSA which they reviewed and approved her condition under hardship. We were able to secure $5,500 in retroactive benefits and $1,400 a month for the rest of her life.
  • Ed was injured at work, and reached out to us after he was unable to get an answer from the. Department of Labor about retroactive compensation wage loss he believed he was owed. Our office was able to get in contact with the Department of Labor and submit his paperwork resulting in a $13,500 payment to Ed.
  • Nora recently lost her husband, and after reaching out to the VA, she still wasn’t getting the answers she needed about the spousal benefits she was due. Our office intervened and secured Camille a burial benefit of $2,000, a lump sum of $11,000, and monthly payment of $1,600 for the rest of her life.



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Mary Gay Scanlon

Mary Gay Scanlon


Mary Gay Scanlon currently serves a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.