2021 Year in Review

  • Nearly 6 million jobs have been created, including more than 141,700 in Pennsylvania.
  • Unemployment claims are at the lowest level since 1969.
  • Over 200 million Americans are fully vaccinated, and booster shots are readily available.
  • $190 million in tax cuts were delivered to more than 76,000 PA-05 families via the Child Tax Credit; child poverty was cut by almost half nationally.
  • $41.5 million in grants went to PA-05 restaurants.
  • $409.5 million Shuttered Venue Operated Grants went to small businesses throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania received $4.9 billion to help K-12 schools safely reopen.
  • Inaugural Fund Integrity Act
  • Disability Voting Rights Act
  • Dropbox Access Act
  • Protecting Our Election Workers Act
  • Justice for Juveniles Act
  • Justice for Student Borrowers Act
  • Driving for Opportunity Act of 2021
  • Help Grandfamilies Prevent Child Abuse Act
  • Accessible Voting Act of 2021
  • ACCESS Act of 2021
  • Veterans Medical Legal Partnerships Act of 2021
  • Courtroom Dogs Act
  • Teaching Engaged Citizenship Act of 2021
  • Resolution Recognizing January 2021 as “National Mentoring Month”
  • Resolution Designating “Public Radio Music Day”
  • Build Back Better Act
  • For The People Act
  • John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
  • Protecting Our Democracy Act
  • Women’s Health Protection Act
  • Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
  • Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Equality Act
  • George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
  • American Dream and Promise Act
  • PRO Act
  • Helping a 93-year-old widow receive her husband’s government pension payment that she has been unable to secure for 21 years — she got more than $393,000 in total!
  • Helping a mother resolve issues with her disabled son’s SSI payments.
  • Helping a veteran receive proper disability compensation — including a retroactive lump sum payment of $62,000.
  • Helping 58 Americans and allies evacuate Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal.



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Mary Gay Scanlon

Mary Gay Scanlon


Mary Gay Scanlon currently serves a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.